Welcome to Lost Coast High!

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Lost Coast High Learning Center is an educational program that is part of Mattole Valley Charter School, a dependent charter school under Mattole Unified School District.  At Lost Coast High, we pride ourselves in providing an educational program that reflects a spectrum of possibilities:

  •  An independent study model where students attend live courses & labs, as well as a wide range of electives, at a learning center up to four days per week.
  • A hybrid independent study model in which students meet with credentialed teachers more than once per learning period and attend individual small group sessions held at LCH learning center.
  • A home-study model in which parents provide most of the instruction with the credentialed teachers acting as advisors and meeting with the family a minimum of once per learning period.
  • A technology based program that provides pathways for students who need remediation, credit recovery, advanced placement, honors or core subject matter.

With the range of options stated above, Lost Coast High Learning Center strives to meet each individual family’s needs.